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20.12.07 Seminar talk by Frank K. Wilhelm (Superconducting Nanocircuits: A Quantum Physics Playground)
20.12.07 Seminar talk by Alexander W. Holleitner (Optically Induced Transport Phenomena in Nanosystems)
17.12.07 Seminar talk by Thomas Schenkel (Strategies for device integration of donor spin qubits)
13.12.07 Seminar talk by Tobias J. Kippenberg (Towards cavity Quantum Optomechanics with Monolithic Microresonators)
11.12.07 Seminar talk by Eugene E. Haller (Germanium nanocrystals synthesized by ion beams)
07.12.07 Seminar talk by Alexander L. Chudnovskiy (Generation of current through double quantum dot by nonequilibrium charge fluctuations on the quantum point contact)
06.12.07 Seminar talk by Jens Eisert (A rough guide to quantum many-body systems from a quantum information perspective)
04.12.07 Seminar talk by Hartmut Hillmer (Mikrospiegelarrays zur Lichtlenkung: Design, technologische Herstellung und Anwendungen)
28.11.07 Seminar talk by Juan José García-Ripoll (Quantum simulation of Anderson and Kondo lattices with superconducting qubits)
27.11.07 Seminar talk by Martin Kroner (Optical spin manipulation in quantum dots)
20.11.07 Seminar talk by Joseph Dufouleur (Measurement of the finite frequency shot noise of a quantum point contact)
17.11.07 Seminar talk by Kenji Ikushima (Nonlinear current-voltage characteristics of QHE conductors: Adiabatic edge transport and current-induced breakdown)
05.11.07 Seminar talk by Jan Podbielski (Spin waves in the inhomogeneous internal field of ferromagnetic nanostructures)
30.10.07 Seminar talk by Filip Tuomisto (Positron annihilation spectroscopy of defects in III-nitride semiconductors)
29.10.07 Seminar talk by S. Mikhailov (Elektrodynamik Properties of Graphene)
26.10.07 Seminar talk by Shiro Kawabata (A superconducting qubit based on p-junctions with ferromagnetic insulators)
25.10.07 Seminar talk by Ioana Serban (Dynamical tunneling in macroscopic systems)
11.09.07 Seminar talk by Christoph Schindler (Exciton-exciton interaction in semiconductor quantum wells)
05.09.07 Seminar talk by Jörg Wrachtrup (Spins in Diamond: Quantum Information and beyond)
24.07.07 Seminar talk by Vadim Khrapay (Nonequilibrium phenomena in adjacent electrically isolated nanostructures)
24.07.07 Seminar talk by Jason K. Holt (Carbon nanotube nanofluidics: new physics and applications)
23.07.07 Seminar talk by Ali Ihsan Goker (Kondo Effect in Single Electron Transistor: A Non-Crossing Approximation Study)
13.07.07 Seminar talk by Alexander Högele (Spectroscopy of individual single-walled carbon nanotubes)
10.07.07 Seminar talk by Peter Lodahl (Spontaneous emission from quantum dots in a modified local density of states)
05.07.07 Seminar talk by Vittorio Peano (Interplay of tunelling and dissipation in the Quantum Duffing oscillator)
05.07.07 Seminar talk by Rupert Huber (From Excitons to Phase Transitions: An Ultrafast THz View of Correlated Electrons)
05.07.07 Seminar talk by Stefan Ludwig (Transport and charge spectroscopy in semiconductor based nanostructures)
02.07.07 Seminar talk by Julien Gabelli (Measurement of non Gaussian noise and noise susceptibility of a tunnel junction in the quantum regime)
28.06.07 Seminar talk by Chris Mudry (Electron fractionalization in two-dimensional graphene-like structures)
28.06.07 Seminar talk by Peter Schwab (Spindynamics in semiconductors: spin-relaxation, voltage induced spinpolarization and spin hall-effect)
20.06.07 Seminar talk by Janet L. Pan (High-efficiency light-emission from nanoscale deep-centers in GaAs for 1,5µm fiber-optics)
19.06.07 Seminar talk by Maria Silvia Garelli (Theoretical Realization of Quantum Gates Using Interacting Endohedral Fullerene Molecules)
12.06.07 Seminar talk by Jan Ivar Korsbakken (Lions or kittens? A measure of "size" for Schrödinger cat states)
11.06.07 Seminar talk by Sigmund Kohler (Driven Transport in Nanoscale Conducturs)
25.05.07 Seminar talk by Henning Christ (Quantum Description of Nuclear Spin Cooling in a Quantum Dot)
24.05.07 Seminar talk by Jens Siewert (Switchable coupling of Cooper-pair boxes inside microwave cavities and generation of multipartite entangled states)
22.05.07 Seminar talk by Jose Maria Villas-Boas (Coherent manipulation of states in artificial atoms and molecules: How to build an optical qubit)
08.05.07 Seminar talk by Rashid Gareev (Combined magnetic structures based on silicon and germanium)
02.05.07 Seminar talk by Thomas Zibold (Theory of quantum computation with all-electric mach-Zehnder interferometers)
23.04.07 Seminar talk by Simon Frédérick (Single photon sources for fibre-based quantum cryptography: InAs/InP quantum dot microcavities)
19.04.07 Seminar talk by Michael M. Wolf (Entanglement-based tools for quantum-many-body physics)
16.04.07 Seminar talk by Markus Büttiker (Shot noise: From Schottky to Bell)
03.04.07 Seminar talk by Cyrus F. Hirjibehedin (Magnetic nanostructures probed on the atomic scale)
03.04.07 Seminar talk by Margareta Wallquist (Polar molecules coupled to superconducting stripline cavities for quantum computing)
19.03.07 Seminar talk by Alexander Efros (Mode locking of electron spin coherence in singly charged quantum dots)
19.03.07 Seminar talk by Bertrand Bourlon (Carbon nanotube based nano-devices)
19.02.07 Seminar talk by Louis Gaudreau (Combined Effects in a Triple Quantum Dot: Coulomb Blockade, Quantum Cellular Automata, Spin Blockade, and Quantum Interference)
19.02.07 Seminar talk by Francois Demangeot (Optical phonons in nanostructures of III-V nitrides semiconductors and ZnO nanoparticles)
14.02.07 Seminar talk by Arnold Abramov (Strained semiconductor materials for THz sources)
06.02.07 Seminar talk by Klaus Gärtner (Applications at WIAS – an overview and an example in some detail: the van Roosbroeck system and discretizations preserving qualitative properties)
24.01.07 Seminar talk by Yuval Gefen (Interplay of Charging and Exchange in Quantum dots)
23.01.07 Seminar talk by Cedrik Meier (Spektroskopie an Si-Nanopartikeln)
14.01.07 Seminar talk by Chris Wilson (Probing Multiphoton Dressed States of a Superconducting Qubit)
12.01.07 Seminar talk by Leonid Litvin (Two beam Aharonov-Bohm interference in integer quantum hall effect)
10.01.07 Seminar talk by Markus Beyer (Photoluminescence and femtosecond spectroscopy of wide band gap semiconductors and heterostructures)
08.01.07 Seminar talk by Anna Fontcuberta i Morral (Synthesis and fundamental properties of semiconductor nanowires)
21.12.06 Seminar talk by Sebastian T. B. Gönnenwein (Electronic transport through single ferromagnetic domains)
19.12.06 Seminar talk by Jens Mueller (Magnetic nanoparticles studied by Hall magnetometry based on GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures)
18.12.06 Seminar talk by Oliver Krebs (Optical orientation of a single electron spin in charge-tunable InAs/GaAs quantum dots)
15.12.06 Seminar talk by Joel Moser (Mesoscopic transport in a heavy mass, multi-valley electron system: wires and dots in aluminum arsenide)
13.12.06 Seminar talk by Peter Schmitteckert (Nonequlibrium Transport Calculations within DMRG)
11.12.06 Seminar talk by Jens Siewert (Multipartite entanglement – elements of its classification and quantification)
08.12.06 Seminar talk by Martin Kroner(Resonant optical absorption spectroscopy on a single quantum-dot tunnel coupled to a continuum)
06.12.06 Seminar talk by Elzbieta Zipper(Flux Qubit on a Mesoscopic Nonsuperconducting Ring)
05.12.06 Seminar talk by Frank Koppens (“Coherent control of a single electron spin in a quantum dot)
04.12.06 Seminar talk by Frank Koppens (“Coherent control of a single electron spin in a quantum dot)
28.11.06 Seminar talk by David J. Norris (Fluorescent frogs need doped dots: but how do we dope?)
28.11.06 Seminar talk by Mikhail Pustilnik (Dynamic Response of One-dimensional interacting Fermions)
22.11.06 Seminar talk by Alexander Weisse (Chebyshev expansion methods for dynamical correlations)
17.11.06 Seminar talk by Afif Siddiki (The electron distribution near a quantum point contact under quantum Hall conditions)
17.11.06 Seminar talk by Vitaly Golovach (Answered and open questions on the spinorbit interaction in electronic quantum dots)
08.11.06 Seminar talk by Simon Trebst (Quantum phase transition(s) in a loop gas model with loop tension)
07.11.06 Seminar talk by Michal Grochol (Excitons in nanostructures with perpendicular magnetic field)
03.11.06 Seminar talk by Andreas Hetzel (Nonequilibrium transport through quantum point contacts)
20.10.06 Seminar talk by Louis Gaudreau (The Stability Diagram of a Few Electron Triple Quantum Dot)
17.10.06 Seminar talk by Pavel Lougovski (QND measurement of the energy of a nanomechanical oscillator without a non-demolishing probe)
16.10.06 Seminar talk by Igor Zozoulenko(Spin polarization, edge state structure and conductance of quantum wires and relates systems in the integer quantum hall regime)
21.07.06 Seminar talk by Gilberto Medeiros-Ribeiro (Lande g-tensor in semiconductor nanostructures)
14.07.06 Seminar talk by Amelia Ankiewicz (Electron Paramagnetic Resonance in Co- and Mn-doped ZnO nanowires)
12.07.06 Seminar talk by Alexander Khaetskii (Manifestation of a spin-orbit coupling in transport phenomena)
11.07.06 Seminar talk by Volker Meden (Correlation effects on electronic transport through quantum dots and wires)
11.07.06 Seminar talk by Jean-Eric Wegrowe (Comparative study of the conductance in multiwall carbon nanotubes and semiconductor nanowires)
04.07.06 Seminar talk by Gerhard Wachutka (Virtuelles Prototyping von mikro- und nanostrukturierten Bauteilen mit Hilfe physikalischer Modellierung und prädiktiver Simulation)
03.07.06 Seminar talk by Andreas Gärtner (Manipulating the Dynamics of Excitons by Voltage-Tunable Landscapes)
29.06.06 Seminar talk by Bianca Hermann (Tracing molecules – scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) used for molecular characterizatio)
27.06.06 Seminar talk by Stephan Reitzenstein (cQED-Experiments with single quantum dots in high quality micropillar cavities)
22.06.06 Seminar talk Michael Thorwart (Macroscopic quantum effects in a vibrating suspended nanobeam)
16.06.06 Seminar talk by Mikhail N. Kiselev (Kondo effect in organometallic complexes and nanoelectromechanical devices)
19.06.06 Seminar talk by Alexander Govorov (Excitons and plasmons in hybrid quantum dot systems)
13.06.06 Seminar talk by Pierre Petroff (Properties of quantum dots / photonic crystal hybrid structures)
12.06.06 Seminar talk by Tobias Kipp (Halbleiter-Mikroröllchen als optische Ring-resonatoren)
22.02.06 International Workshop on Solid State Based Quantum Information (QIP 2006) (May 24-26, 2006, Herrsching, Bavaria)
organized by the Cooperative Research Center 631
02.05.06 Seminar talk by Gerhard Wachutka (Virtuelles Prototyping von mikro- und nanostrukturierten Bauteilen mit Hilfe physikalischer Modellierung und prädiktiver Simulation)
27.04.06 Seminar talk by Frank Göhmann (Density matrix and correlation functions of the Heisenberg spin chain)
25.04.06 Seminar talk by Willem Vos (Physics of photonic crystals: of dreams and nightmares)
25.04.06 Seminar talk bx Vadim Khrapay (Double quantum dot as a quantum ratchet)
14.03.06 Seminar talk by Evgeni Ilichev (Radio-Frequency Method for Investigation of Quantum Properties of Superconducting Structures)
07.02.06 Seminar talk by Mike Scarpulla (Localized and delocalized states in ferromagnetic semiconductors synthesized by ion implantation and pulsed-laser melting)
06.02.06 Seminar talk by Vadim Khrapay (Quantum nano-detector for nonequilibrium electromagnetic fluctuations)
30.01.06 Seminar talk by Matteo Cirillo (Classical, Quantum, and Statistical Physics of the Josephson Effect)
26.01.06 Seminar talk by Florian Marquardt (An electronic Mach-Zehnder interferometer under the influence of a quantum environment)
23.01.06 Seminar talk by Michael Knop (Ballistische Gleichrichtung in elektronischen Wellenleiterstrukturen)
23.01.06 Seminar talk by Christian Meining (Infrared optical studies of spin-effects in semiconductor heterostructures)
18.01.06 Seminar talk by Uri Gavish (Noise Minimization in Quantum Transistors)
17.01.06 Seminar talk by Rudolf Bratschitsch (Ultraschnelle Spindynamik in Halbleitern)
12.12.05 Seminar talk by Antti-Pekka Jauho (Transport in Nanoscale Systems)
06.12.05 Seminar talk by Tien-Lin Lee (X-Ray standing wave imaging – direct 3D images of manganese in dilute magnetic semiconductor thin films)
05.12.05 Seminar talk by Tobias Zibold (Nextnano: A powerful tool for the simulation of 3D-nanostructures and its application for quantum information processing)
29.11.05 Seminar talk by Toshihiro Nakaoka (Controlling electronic and magneto-optical properties in self-assembled quantum dots)
28.11.05 Seminar talk by Cèsar Pascual Garcìa (Probing excitation spectra of few electron quantum dots by light scattering)
14.11.05 Seminar talk by Florian Marquardt (An electronic Mach-Zehnder interferometer under the influence of a quantum environment)
17.10.05 Seminar talk by Matteo Mariantoni (Generation of Microwave Single Photons and Homodyne Tomography on a Chip)
14.10.05 Seminar talk by Mete Atatüre (Cavity-QED with Single Electron Spins)
14.10.05 Seminar talk by Mete Atatüre (Cavity-QED with Single Electron Spins)
30.09.05 Seminar talk by R. Oulton (Optical Investigation of Electron Spin Coherence and Electron-Nuclear Spin Interactions in Self-Assembled InGaAs/GaAs Quantum Dots)
09.08.05 Seminar talk by Alexander Tartakovskii (Control of electron and nuclear spins in InGaAs dots)
21.07.05 Seminar talk by Alexander Govorov (Electronic states in magnetic quantum dots)
20.07.05 Seminar talk by Alexander Govorov (Excitons and spins in semiconductor quantum dots)
07.07.05 Seminar talk by Steffen Glaser (Optimal control in magnetic resonance and quantum computing)
30.06.05 Seminar talk by Dominik Heiss (Spin Dynamics of Optically Stimulated Charges in InGaAs Self-Assembled Quantum Dots)
16.06.05 Seminar talk by David Nikogosyan (Long-period fibre gratings inscribed by femtosecond UV laser)
16.06.05 Seminar talk by Detlev Hoffmann (ZnO als Material für die Optoelektronik)
16.06.05 Seminar talk by Dietrich Leibfried (Small Quantum Algorithms Realized in a Scalable Ion Trap System)
07.06.05 Seminar talk by Thomas Feil (Transport in shunted surface superlattices: Stable electrically excited Bloch oscillations)
06.06.05 Seminar talk by Arthur Zrenner (Qubits im Nanokosmos: Rabi Oszillationen im künstlichen Atom)
02.06.05 Seminar talk by Peter Klar (Magnetic interactions in granular paramagnetic/ferromagnetic hybrids)
01.06.05 Stephan Trumm erhält auf Grund seiner herausragenden Arbeiten im Rahmen seiner Promotionen (gefördert im Rahmen des SFB 631, TP B5) den Wissenschaftspreis 2005 der schweizer Chorafas-Stiftung
24.05.05 Seminar talk by Stefan Stufler (Coherent control of a quantum dot two-level system)
24.05.05 Seminar talk by Joshua Folk (Hyperfine Interaction and the Two-Electron Spin States of a Double Quantum Dot)
23.05.05 Seminar talk by Roswitha Zeis (Einkristall-Feldeffekttransistoren auf der Basis von Schichthalbleitern - Alternativen zur Si-Technologie)
23.05.05 Seminar talk by Joshua Folk (Hyperfine Interaction and the Two-Electron Spin States of a Double Quantum Dot)
19.05.05 Seminar talk by Lloyd Hollenberg (Donor-based quantum computing and architecture scaling issues)
12.05.05 Seminar talk by Anders Fritjof (Real-Time Dynamics in Quantum Impurity Systems: A Novel Approach to Non-Equilibrium Properties in Mesoscopic Quantum Systems)
10.05.05 Seminar talk by Dieter Jaksch (New Tools for Quantum Information Processing in Optical Lattices)
03.05.05 Seminar talk by Rogerio de Sousa (Electron spin decoherence due to interaction with nuclear spins: Mechanisms and control)
02.05.05 Seminar talk Klaus-Dieter Hof (Phasenfrequenzstabilisierung eines Ultrakurzzeit-Lasersystems und Experimente in extrem nichtlinearer Optik)
02.05.05 Seminar talk by Hans Mooij (Superconducting Flux Quantum Bits)
25.04.05 Seminar talk by Andreas Reuter (Fluorescence Spectroscopy of DNA Nanodevices)
22.04.05 Seminar talk by Dawid Kupidura (Kondo effect versus spin blockade)
19.04.05 Seminar talk by Uwe Gerstmann (Ab initio Beschreibung von flachen Donatoren in Silizium, SiC und Diamant)
18.04.05 Seminar talk by Thomas Zettler (Modern System on Chip Design)
15.04.05 Seminar talk by Klaus Ensslin (Quantum physics with quantum dots)
12.04.05 Seminar talk by Julien Gabelli (Hanbury Brown & Twiss correlations on GHz photons emitted by conductors. A new way for quantum optics?)
28.02.05 Seminar talk by Hiroshi Yamaguchi (InAs-based Micro/Nanomechanical systems)
17.02.05 Seminar talk by Robert W. Lambert (Toward a quantum dot based single photon source - verifying photon antibunching from a single quantum dot)
11.02.05 Seminar talk by Kenneth R. Brown (Deterministic optical Fock-state generation)
01.02.05 Seminar talk by Horia-Eugen Porteanu (Verdünnte Stickstoffhaltige Systeme: ist Stickstoff eine Legierungskompo-nente oder ein Dotieratom?)
31.01.05 Seminar talk by Andreas Wallraff (Doing Quantum Optics with Electrical Circuits: Coherent Coupling of a Single Photon to a Superconducting QuBit)
31.01.05 Seminar talk by Harald Weinfurter (Verschränkungen)
25.01.05 Seminar talk by Alex Högele (Absorption spectroscopy of a single quantum dot)
20.01.05 Seminar talk by Christian Frischkorn (Ultraschnelle Dynamik von photoinduzierten Reaktionen auf Metalloberflächen)
17.01.05 Seminar talk by Andreas Hüttel (Controlling a one-electron double quantum dot)
21.12.04 Seminar talk by Frank Deppe (Readout of a Superconducting Flux Qubit via a Capacitor)
17.12.04 Seminar talk by Thilo Bauch (Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling in d-wave YBaCuO Josephson Junctions)
14.12.04 Seminar talk by Mete Atature (Deterministic Coupling of a Quantum Dot to a Photonic Crystal Nano-Cavity)
13.12.04 Seminar talk by Vadim Khrapay (Spin gap in the 2D electron system of GaAs/A1GaAs in weak magnetic fields)
13.12.04 Seminar talk by Markus Wächter (Terahertz Quanten Cascade Laser)
09.12.04 Seminar talk by Hubert Krenner (Self-assembled Quantum Dots - From Artificial Atoms to Artificial Molecules)
07.12.04 Seminar talk by Wolfgang Limmer (Ladungsträger-Tiefenprofile in GaMnAs)
25.11.04 Seminar talk by Florian Adler (Phasenstabilisiertes Zwei-Farben-Er:Faserlaser-System für die Langzeit-Präzisionsmessung optischer Frequenzen)
18.11.04 Seminar talk by Peter Baum (Phasengekoppelte ultraviolette und sichtbare 7 fs-Lichtimpulse: Erzeugung/Charakterisierung/Anwendung)
16.11.04 Seminar talk by Ning Kang (Electron-Electron interaction in Disor-dered Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes)
11.11.04 Seminar talk by Victor V. Moshchalkov (Vortex Matter in Nanostructured Superconductors)
10.11.04 Seminar talk by Hans Pernau (Mechanically controlled breakjunctions in Cobalt)
09.11.04 Seminar talk by Sven Rogge (Atomic-scale electronics: Tunneling through dopant atoms)
02.11.04 Seminar talk by Claus Ascheron (Science Citation Index and Impact Factors - "Gebrauch und Missbrauch")
28.10.04 Seminar talk by Svetlana Mintova (The Art of Colloidal Zeolites)
26.10.04 Seminar talk by Armin C. Welker (Coulomb blockade, Kondo effect and Fano resonances in three-leaded quantum dot systems)
25.10.04 Seminar talk by Kensuke Kobayashi (Fano Effect in Nanostructures)
05.05.04 International Workshop on Solid State Based Quantum Information (QIP 2004) (September 13 - 17, 2004, Herrsching, Bavaria)
organized by the Cooperative Research Center 631
11.08.04 Seminar talk by Axel Friedenauer (Verschränkung gekoppelter Dipole)
26.07.04 Seminar talk by Mansour Shayegan (Electrons in Unusual Flatlands)
16.07.04 Seminar talk by Dominik Scheible (Antriebsmechanismen von nanoelektro-mechanischen Systemen in Silizium)
16.07.04 Seminar talk by Per Delsing (Quantum computing and superconducting qubits)
15.07.04 Seminar talk by Michael Lettenberger (Nationale und internationale Patentierungsstrategien)
13.07.04 Seminar talk by Reinhold Pregla (Modellierung von optischen Bauelementen mit der Method of Lines)
08.07.04 Seminar talk by Andreas Wallraff (Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics: Doing Quantum Optics on a Chip)
08.07.04 Seminar talk by Alexander Govorov (Excitons and spins in quantum dots)
08.07.04 Seminar talk by Gregor Tanner (Five ways to get stuck in a triple collision)
01.07.04 Seminar talk by Michelle Simmons (Towards atomic-scale device fabrication in silicon)
30.06.04 Seminar talk by Michelle Simmons (The fabrication of atomic-scale devices in silicon using scanning probe microscopy)
29.06.04 Seminar talk by Saskia F. Fischer (Modenkopplung wechselwirkender eindimensionaler Wellenleiter)
28.06.04 Seminar talk by S. James Allen (Toward a Terahertz Solid State Bloch Oscillator)
25.06.04 Seminar talk by Sabine Laurent (Optical orientation of trions in charge tunable InAs/GaAs quantum dots)
18.06.04 Seminar talk by Igor Bondarev (Near-field Electrodynamics of Doped Carbon Nanotubes)
delayed, new schedule: Monday 21st June
18.06.04 Seminar talk by Leonid V. Butov (Phenomena in cold exciton gases: Condensation, macroscopic ordering and beyond)
14.06.04 Seminar talk by Alexander V. Chaplik (Plasma oscillations in double quantum well structures: interaction, damping and possibility of amplification)
08.06.04 Seminar talk by Stefan K. Estreicher (Vibrational Properties of Impurities in Silicon)
04.06.04 Seminar talk by Vitaly Golovach
25.05.04 Seminar talk by E. Steinberg (Quantum Information with Photons and Atoms: Measurement and Construction of Quantum States)
24.05.04 Seminar talk by Robert Averbeck (Molekularstrahlepitaxie von Galliumnitrid)
18.05.04 Seminar talk by J. G. S. Lok (Quantum Hall Ferromagnetism of AlAs 2D electrons)
18.05.04 Seminar talk by Jonathan Finley (Physics and Applications of Semiconductor Artificial Atoms)
11.05.04 Seminar talk by Berthold Schmidt (Design von Hochleistungslaserdioden für den telecom und industriellen Anwendungsbereich)
06.05.04 Seminar talk by Gianni Blatter (Superconducting quantum bits: achievements and new designs)
05.05.04 First announcement of the
International Workshop on Solid State Based Quantum Information (QIP 2004) (September 13 - 17, 2004, Herrsching, Bavaria)
organized by the Cooperative Research Center 631
04.05.04 Seminar talk by H. Briegel (Quantum-Computing and Many-Body Entanglement)
27.04.04 SZ article "Das Bankgeheimnis" on quantum cryptography based transfer of € 3000
27.04.04 Seminar talk Afif Siddiki (Quantized Hall plateaus resulting from incompressible strips)
26.04.04 Seminar talk by Alexey Ustinov (Josephson Oscillators)
16.04.04 Seminar talk by Leo Kouwenhoven (Double Quantum Dots as Spin Qubits)
16.04.04 Zweites SFB-Treffen am 16. April 2004 (Programm)
16.03.04 Seminar talk by Andreas Weichselbaum (Charge Qubits and their realization)
11.03.04 Seminar talk by Jacek K. Furdyna (Magnetic Anisotropy in Ferromagnetic III-Mn-V Semiconductors: Issues and Observation)
11.03.04 Seminar talk by David Ferrand (Carrier-induced ferromagnetism in p-type II-VI heterostructures)
05.03.04 Seminar talk by Christian Helm (Decoherence of superconducting qubits due to phonons)
02.03.04 Seminar talk by Ramesh Mani (Novel zero-resistance states induced by photoexcitation in the high mobility two-dimensional electron system)
05.02.04 Seminar talk by Wolfgang Langbein (Coherent light-matter interaction in semiconductor quantum dots)
03.02.04 Seminar talk by Stefano Roddaro (Quasiparticle tunneling between fractional quantum Hall edges)
27.01.04 Seminar talk by Lieven Vandersypen (Single-shot read-out of a single electron spin)
20.01.04 Seminar talk by Hartmut Bracht (Atomare Defekte und die Mechanismen der Diffusion in Halbleitern)
16.01.04 Seminar talk by Kees Harmans (Quantum coherent dynamics in superconducting circuits)
05.12.03 330th WE-Heraeus Seminar: Controlling decoherence, First Announcement
30.10.03 Erstes SFB-Treffen am 7. November 2003 (Programm)
20.10.03 GCHQ Quantum Information Processing Research Fellowship