Project B3

Solid State Quantum Optics at the Single Quantum Limit

PIs: Prof. Dr. J. Finley, Prof. M.-C. Amann, Dr. R. Meyer

One of the fundamental requirements for solid-state based quantum information processing is the realisation of an efficient and electrically driven single photon turnstile device based on single quantum dots embedded in high quality, low mode volume nanocavities.

The goal of this project is the deterministic spatial and spectral coupling between single self-assembled quantum dots and two-dimensional photonic crystal resonator modes. The spatial coupling is realised by the deterministic positioning of nanocavities on stacked quantum dot nanostructures. The spectral coupling can be achieved by either tuning the emitter via electro-optical or tuning the cavity mode via MOEMS approaches. Both spatial and spectral tuning would enable us to fully control the cavity-emitter coupling which is a crucial requirement for sophisticated quantum optical experiments, e.g. two-photon interference, generation of polarisation entangled photon pairs or achieving strong light matter coupling.

Summary of main goals:

    • Deterministic positioning of single quantum dots in photonic crystal nanocavities
    • Development of tuning mechanisms of emitter and/or cavity mode
    • Realization of ultra-high Q photonic heterostructures for exploring the strong-coupling regime
    • Confirmation the generation of identical single photons via two-photon interference experiments
    • Generation of polarisation-entangled photons
    • Efficient inter-conversion between static (spin) and mobile (photon) representation of quantum information

    Project B3 is a collaboration of the Nanostructure Photonics Group of Prof. J. J. Finley ( and the Semiconductor Nanotechnology Group of Prof. M.-C. Amann & Dr. R. Meyer ( at the Walter Schottky Institut.