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17.01.14 Seminar talk by Andrea Morello (High-fidelity single-atom spin qubits in silicon)
02.12.13 Seminar talk by Ulrich Schneider (Negative Absolute Temperatures in ultracold atoms: Thermodynamics of an isolated system)
19.11.13 Seminar talk by Bert Hecht (Manipulation of photon fields at atomic length- and ultrafast time scales using plasmonic nanoantennas and nanocircuitry)
18.11.13 Seminar talk by Sarah Debler (Double Quantum Dots in a Si/SiGe Heterostructure)
23.10.13 Seminar talk by Rinaldo Trotta (When dots play dirty and nanowires play nice)
21.10.13 Seminar talk by Adam Micolich (When dots play dirty and nanowires play nice)
14.10.13 Seminar talk by Joseph Imry (Thermoelectricity in disordered systems and nanosystems)
14.10.13 Seminar talk by Joseph Imry (Thermoelectricity in disordered systems and nanosystems)
16.07.13 Seminar talk by Sobhan Sepehri (Effect of electron beam irradiation on electrical properties of III-V semiconductor materials)
10.07.13 Seminar talk by Antoine Reserbat-Plantey (Probing motion and stress in a graphitic mechanical nanoresonator)
08.07.13 Seminar talk by Wilhelm-Mauch (Designing quantum logic gates on human-made quantum computer-applications of machine learning)
01.07.13 Seminar talk by Jessica Lindlau (Molecular signatures in Photoluminescence spectra of single colloidal Quantum dots)
24.06.13 Seminar talk by Berndt Waschnek (Optical probe of a quantum contact)
16.05.13 Seminar talk by Bastien Dassonneville (Probing the dynamics of Andreev states in a coherent normal metal/superconducting ring)
14.05.13 Seminar talk by Sergio E. Ulloa (Magnetoelectric spin control in nanostructures)
13.05.13 Seminar talk by Vladimir Fomin (Electronic structure of the Aharonov-Bohm effect in inhomogeneous Möbius rings)
06.05.13 Seminar talk by Michail Kiselev (SU(3) Landau-Zener interferometry with double and triple quantum dots)
02.04.13 Seminar talk by Jelena Vuckovic (Quantum dots in optical nanocavities: From cavity QED to applications)
26.03.13 Seminar talk by Vincenzo Savona (Quantum correlations in weakly nonlinear photonic systems)
13.02.13 Seminar talk by Arne Laucht (Universal set of quantum gates for a pair of 31P donor spin-qubits in silicon)
05.02.13 Seminar talk by Gunnar Petersen (A single domain nanomagnet & double quantum dot hybrid system: Investigation of decoherence mechanisms and electron-nuclear hyperfine interaction)
31.01.13 Seminar talk by Kicheon Kang (Quantum interference in quantum transport)
28.01.13 Seminar talk by Andrew Ferguson (Using electricity to control magnets (via the spin orbit interaction))
24.01.13 Seminar talk by Wiebke Guichard (Coherent quantum phase slips in Josephson junction chains)
20.12.12 Seminar talk by Amir Capua (Direct observation of the coherent lightmatter interaction in room-temperature semiconductors)
26.11.12 Seminar talk by Klaus Jöns (Site-controlled quantum dots and post-growth tuning for photonic circuit integration)
12.11.12 Seminar talk by Sergey Platonov (Anomalous Hall effect of magnons in inhomogeneous ferromagnetic media)
06.11.12 Seminar talk by Pawel Machnikowski (Collective spontaneous emission from double quantum dots and QD ensembles)
05.11.12 Seminar talk by Jonathan Fletcher (Controlled emission of single-electron wavepackets in solid-state circuits)
24.10.12 Seminar talk by Kai Müller (Coherent optical control of spin qubits inself-assembled quantum dots molecules)
22.10.12 Seminar talk by Hugo Ribeiro (Interplay of charge and spin coherence in Landau-Zener interferometry)
17.10.12 Seminar talk by Kohei M. Itoh (Semiconductor isotope spintronics)
11.10.12 Seminar talk by Kenji Ukushima (On-chip terahertz photon manipulation)
02.10.12 Seminar talk by Robert H. Hadfield (Superconducting single photon detectors for quantum information science and technology)
01.10.12 Seminar talk by Michael E. Reimer (Nanowire optics: Quantum light sources and detectors)
26.09.12 Seminar talk by Alex Hamilton (Compressibility Measurements of 1D Systems and the 0.7 Anomaly)
25.09.12 Seminar talk by Quirin Unterreithmeier (Sensing the (artificial) environment with a single electron spin)
18.09.12 Seminar talk by Armand Rundquist (Quantum optics in semiconductors: Strong photon-photon and photonphonon interactions in a coupled quantum dot-photonic crystal nanocavity)
19.07.12 Seminar talk by Jörn Wilhelm (Quantentransport Messungen an Bi2Se3 topologischen Isolatoren)
10.07.12 Seminar talk by Matthew Grayson (Transverse Thermoelectrics: A new paradigm for nanoscale & cryogenic solid-state refrigeration)
09.07.12 Seminar talk by Florian Seilmeier (Sensing the electron environment of a quantum dot)
29.06.12 Seminar talk by Mark S. Sherwin (Extreme Optics in Semiconductors: When Quasiparticles Collide, and 1+1=11)
27.06.12 Seminar talk by Koji Ishibashi (Optical properties of CNT quantum dots)
25.06.12 Seminar talk by Mansour Shayegan (Wavefunction Engineering for Topological Quantum Computing)
19.06.12 Seminar talk by Roland Brunner (Electron-spin-based-quantum computing: Where are we?)
18.06.12 Seminar talk by Roland Brunner (Towards an electron-spin-based quantum computer)
07.05.12 Seminar talk by Geza Giedke (Spin Physics in open and driven Quantum Dots)
07.02.12 Seminar talk by Uwe Gerstmann (Electronic recombination at c-Si/a-Si:H interfaces: G-tensor calculations for (quasi-)metallic systems)
02.02.12 Seminar talk by Joachim Ankerhold (Dynamics of open quantum systems beyond weak coupling)
25.01.12 Seminar talk by Mikhail Kiselev (Effects of fast and slow noise on Landau-Zener transition: Applications to quantum dots and NEM devices)
23.01.12 Seminar talk by Geza Giedke (Hyperfine dynamics in driven quantum dots)
20.12.11 Seminar talk by Alois Lugstein (Si and Ge nanowires as building blocks for novel devices)
13.12.11 Seminar talk by Jean-Michel Gérard (Quantum optics with quantum dots in
photonic nanowires: Basics and application to "ultrabright" single-photon sources)
06.12.11 Seminar talk by Oliver Benson (Fundamental quantum optical hybrid-systems for nanophotonics: Photons, plasmons & nano-diamonds)
01.12.11 Seminar talk by Nicola Paradiso (Quantum Hall circuits with variable geom e try: study of the edge structure and equilibration by Scanning Gate Microscopy)
28.11.11 Seminar talk by Lucio Robledo (Quantum registers in diamond: Initialization and projective single-shot readout)
22.11.11 Seminar talk by Lucia Sorba (Growth of Sb-based semiconductor nanowires)
14.11.11 Seminar talk by Eric Hoffmann (Large nuclear spin polarization using an inhomogeneous magnetic field)
09.11.11 Seminar talk by Armando Rastelli (Piezoelectric control of excitons in single quantum dots)
04.10.11 Seminar talk by Alexander Carmele and Julia Kabuß (Addressing phonons in semiconductor quantum dot-QED: Entanglement, non-equilibrium phonon, and photon distributions)
13.07.11 Seminar talk by Ricardo Andrade (Spin transport in InGaAs/InP heterostructures)
12.07.11 Seminar talk by Martino Poggio (Towards nano-MRI in mesoscopic transport systems)
11.07.11 Seminar talk by Gunnar Petersen (Dynamics in a Double Quantum Dot Incorporating a Monodomain Nanomagnet)
01.07.11 Seminar talk by Andrew Sachrajda (Coherent Oscillations in a Triple Quantum Dot Device)
22.06.11 Seminar talk by Dirk Grundler (Artificial crystals from ferromagnetic nanostructures)
22.06.11 Seminar talk by Jan GlÜckert (The permanent dipole moment of excitons in single walled carbon Nanotubes)
06.06.11 Seminar talk by Michael Kaniber (Control and manipulation of spontaneous emission using dielectric and metallic nanostructures)
17.05.11 Seminar talk by Axel Lorke (Detection and manipulation of quantum states in self-organized (InGa)As nanostructures)
13.05.11 Seminar talk by Roberto C. Myers (Exploring semiconductor functionality at extreme length scales: Macroscopic thermal spintronics and 3D nanowire heterostructures)
09.05.11 Seminar talk by Onur Basarir (Near-field Optical Probing of Nanomechanical Systems)
02.05.11 Seminar talk by Matthias Hauck (Charge Sensing with Self Assembled Quantum Dots)
21.03.11 Seminar talk by Yasunobu Nakamura (Superconducting qubits as artifical atoms)
14.02.11 Seminar talk by Mikhail Kiselev (Thermoelectric Transport through a Quantum Dot: Interplay between Fermi Liquid and Non-Fermi Liquid Behavior)
07.02.11 Seminar talk by Daniel Harbusch (Single electrons in coupled quantum dots: Detector backaction and high frequency experiments)
01.02.11 Seminar talk by Gregor Weihs (Semiconductor sources of photon pairs)
24.01.11 Seminar talk by David Borowosky (The 0.7 anomaly: A new scaling behaviour in magnetic fields)
24.01.11 Seminar talk by Matthias Hofmann (Growth and Characterization of Carbon Nanotubes)
17.01.11 Seminar talk by Dominique Bougeard (Strained silicon: A potential material for the definition of spin qubits)
11.01.11 Seminar talk by Peter Lodahl (Quantum electrodynamics with quantum dots in photonic nanostructures)
20.12.10 Seminar talk by Kenji Shibata (Physics and applications of single self-assembled InAs quantum dots coupled to metallic nanogap electrodes)
13.12.10 Seminar talk by Katarzyna Kowalik-Seidl (Exciton spin relaxation and local trapping of excitons in GaAs coupled quantum wells)
09.12.10 Seminar talk by Werner Wegscheider (Huge metastability and reentrant phases in a magnetic two-dimensional hole system)
07.12.10 Seminar talk by Pascale Senellart (A semiconductor deterministic bright source of entangled photon pairs)
06.12.10 Seminar talk by Fei Zhang (Molecular junction and its acting as quantum heat ratchets)
29.11.10 Seminar talk by Hans Hübl (Donor Spins in Silicon: Spin Control and Single Spin Readout)
23.11.10 Seminar talk by Lutz Geelhaar (III-V semiconductor nanowires for optoelectronics)
22.11.10 Seminar talk by Randolf Pohl (The size of the proton)
02.11.10 Seminar talk by Ulrich Hohenester (Imaging particle plasmons using optical and electron microscopy)
18.10.10 Seminar talk by Andre Neumann (Single Photon Phenomena in Photonic Crystal Nanostructures)
12.10.10 Seminar talk by Yasuhiko Arakawa (Quantum dots with photonic crystal nanocavity for nanophotonic application)
02.09.10 Seminar talk by Kyu Man Cha (Site- and shape-controlled growth of isolated and coupled InAs quantum dots using AFM anodic oxidation)
05.08.10 Seminar talk by Sorin Melinte (Processing Schemes for Highly-Ordered Molecular Nanoarchitectures)
12.07.10 Seminar talk by Val Zwiller (Optics with semiconducting, metallic and superconducting nanowires)
12.07.10 Seminar talk by Mansour Shayegan (Physics of multi-component two-dimensional electron systems: The role of spin, valley, and layer degrees of freedom)
24.06.10 Seminar talk by Takehiko Tawara (Role of exciton dephasing and background photons in a QD-nanocavity system)
21.06.10 Seminar talk by Michael Hartmann (Steady state entanglement in two nanomechanical membranes)
25.05.10 Seminar talk by Fedor Jelezko (Controlling single spins in diamond)
20.05.10 Seminar talk by Gèza Giedke (Quantum Optics and Quantum Information with Nuclear Spins in Quantum Dots)
20.04.10 Seminar talk by Andrea Morello (Single-shot readout of an electron spin in silicon)
02.03.10 Seminar talk by Afif Siddiki (Asymmetries of the quantized Hall effect in the non- linear transport regime: theory and experiment)
16.02.10 Seminar talk by Karl Unterrainer (Few-cycle THz studies of quantum cascade laser active regions and resonators)
09.02.10 Seminar talk by Christoph Stampfer (Graphene quantum devices)
08.02.10 Seminar talk by Wenjun Ma (Synthesis of carbon nanotubes through floating catalyst CVD method)
28.01.10 Seminar talk by Felipe Fanchini (Protection of quantum information)
18.01.10 Seminar talk by Marc Alexander Aßmann (Photon statistics on the picosecond scale)
14.01.10 Seminar talk by Eugene Sukhorukov (Anomalous dephasing in electronic Mach- Zehnder interferometers)
14.12.09 Seminar talk by Guido Burkard (Hyperfine-induced spin and valley dynamics in quantum dots)
10.12.09 Seminar talk by Gerd Schön (Lasing and Cooling in Circuit QED)
07.12.09 Seminar talk by Gregor Koblmüller (Defect Structure and Electronic Properties in High Electron Mobility III-V Semiconductor Materials: from Bulk to Nanostructures)
03.12.09 Seminar talk by Hamed Saberi (Matrix-product formalism for strongly correlated systems and quantum information processing)
30.11.09 Seminar talk by Gary Steele (Clean coarbon nanotubes: from single electron quantum dots to ultra-high quality mechanical resonators)
23.11.09 Seminar talk by Tobias Kramer (Wavepacket methods in mesoscopic physics)
09.11.09 Seminar talk by Matthias Brasse (Magneto-Optical Investigations of Multiferroic Hybrid Structures)
02.11.09 Seminar talk by Hubert Krenner (Manipulation of optically active nanosystems using surface acoustic waves)
13.10.09 Seminar talk by Hendrik Bluhm (Effective mitigation of nuclear decoherence for electron spin qubits via mesoscopic feed- back and quantum decoupling)
29.09.09 Seminar talk by Vladimir Mitin (Quantum-dot photodetectors: In search of optimal design for room-temperature operation)
16.09.09 Seminar talk by Hideo Kosaka (Coherent spin injection and spin state tomography by light in a semiconductor quantum well)
24.07.09 Seminar talk by David N. Jamieson (Top-down pathways to devices with few and single atoms placed to sub-20 nm precision for quantum information technologies)
20.07.09 Seminar talk by Jean-Michel Ménard (Imaging the Spin Hall Effect of Light Inside Semiconductors)
20.07.09 Seminar talk by Markus Weber (Towards a Loophole-free test of Bell's inequality with a pair of entangled atoms)
09.07.09 Seminar talk by Gunnar Petersen (Investigation of Universal Conductance Fluctuations in Gate-Controlled InN Nanowires)
06.07.09 Seminar talk by Jochen Weber (Single-Electron-Transistors on a Scanning-Probe-Microscopy tip-array probing eddy currents in twodimensional electron systems)
  International Workshop and School on
Solid State Based Quantum Information
(QIP 2009)

(June 28 - July 3, 2009, Herrsching, Bavaria)

organized by the Cooperative Research Center 631
26.06.09 Seminar talk by Frédéric Pierre (Nature of Edge Excitations in the Integer Quantum Hall Regime)
26.06.09 Seminar talk by Patrice Roche (Dephasing in the IQHE regime)
26.06.09 Seminar talk by Michael E. Reimer (Deterministically positioned quantum dot subject to electric fields in any crystal orientation)
25.05.09 Seminar talk by Axel Lorke (Properties and Applications of Nanoparticles from the Gas Phase)
07.05.09 Seminar talk by Shuji Nakamura (Non-equilibrium current noise and electron correlation)
04.05.09 Seminar talk by Martin Geller (Time-Resolved Measurements of Electron Tunneling from Self-Assembled Quantum Dots)
27.04.09 Seminar talk by David Gershoni (Radiative Cascades in Semiconductor Quantum Dots)
24.04.09 Seminar talk by David Gershoni (Radiative cascades in semiconductor quantum dots)
02.04.09 Seminar talk by Eric Hoffmann (The Thermoelectric Properties of Heterostructure InAs/InP Nanowires)
20.03.09 Seminar talk by Frank Koppens (Electrical detection of surface plasmons and single plasmon sources)
05.03.09 Seminar talk by Andrea Morello (Control and readout of the electron spin of individual atoms in silicon)
10.02.09 Seminar talk by Peter Schwab (Spin dynamics in semiconductors: Manipulating spin by electric fields)
03.02.09 Seminar talk by Maarten van Weert (Selective excitation of single spins in a nanowire quantum dot)
30.01.09 Seminar talk by Stefano Poletto (Coherent oscillations in a superconducting tunable flux qubit manipulated without microwaves)
29.01.09 Seminar talk by Sven Rogge (Transport through a single atom in a MOSFET)
26.01.09 Seminar talk by Franz Kaiser (Electron pumping induced by propagating waves)
20.01.09 Seminar talk by Andrew Ramsay (Coherent optical control of semiconductor quantum dots)
19.01.09 Seminar talk by Urszula Gasser-Szerer (Electron-phonon interaction in a double quantum dot)
16.01.09 Seminar talk by Serkan Ates (Indistinguishable photons from the resonance fluorescence of a single quantum dot in a microcavity)
13.01.09 Seminar talk by Paul Koenraad (Formation and doping of quantum dots studied at the atomic scale by cross-sectional scanning tunneling microscopy)
08.12.08 Seminar talk by Giorgio Parisi (An empirical study of large starling flocks)
25.11.08 Seminar talk by Walter Pötz (Coherent and optimal control of open quantum systems: Application to qubits and quantum gates)
18.11.08 Seminar talk by Bernard Clerjaud (On Mn-H complexes and ferromagnetism in III-Mn-V alloys)
10.11.08 Seminar talk by Dawid Kupidura (Towards single shot measurements for detection of coherent spin oscillations)
04.11.08 Seminar talk by Sven Höfling (Semiconductor quantum dot single photon sources)
03.11.08 Seminar talk by Theresa Hecht (Kondo effect and absorption & emission spectra in self assembled quantum dots)
28.10.08 Seminar talk by Richard Warburton (Electro-optics of single quantum dots)
10.10.08 Seminar talk by Franz Kärtner (Photonic analog to digital conversion with femtosecond lasers)
22.09.08 Seminar talk by Emmanuel Rashba (Electric-dipole spin resonances in quantum dots)
05.08.08 Seminar talk by Vadim Khrapay (Filling factor dependence of the fractional quantum Hall effect gaps)
18.07.08 Seminar talk by Daniela Taubert (Wechselwirkungseffekte in parallelen und seriellen Doppelquantenpunktstrukturen)
17.07.08 Seminar talk by Nir Rotenberg (Ultrafast optical switching of plasmonic resonances)
14.07.08 Seminar talk by Klaus-Dieter Hof (Optoelectronic transport across Quantum Wires)
26.06.08 Seminar talk by Mario Ziman (Unambiguous Quantum Estimation Problems)
20.06.08 Seminar talk by Nissim Ofek (Interference between two indistinguishable electrons from independent sources)
20.06.08 Seminar talk by Kensuke Kobayashi (Quantum Shot Noise in Mesoscopic Systems)
17.06.08 Seminar talk by Alan Bristow (Two-dimensional Fourier transform spectroscopy: coherence processes in a new light)
09.06.08 Seminar talk by Michael Barth (Photonic Crystal Nanocavities in the Visible: Fabrication, Characterization, and Manipulation)
06.06.08 Seminar talk by Alexander D. Mirlin (Interacting electrons in quantum wires: Disordered and nonequilibrium Luttinger liquids)
03.06.08 Seminar talk by John J. L. Morton (Solid state quantum memory using 31P: Coherent electron spin storage beyond a second)
02.06.08 Seminar talk by Emanuele Uccelli (Self assembly of ordered InAs chain of Quantum Dots and nanowire array)
29.05.08 Seminar talk by Sigmund Kohler (Landau-Zener transitions of a qubit: From state preparation to monitoring dynamics)
27.05.08 Seminar talk by Janos Vörös (Interfacing biology with electronics at the nanometer scale)
30.04.08 Seminar talk by Pawel Hawrylak (Resonating valence bonds in quantum dot Hubbard molecules)
29.04.08 Seminar talk by Marek Seliger (Entangled photons from quantum dot-devices: environment watching biexciton decay)
28.04.08 Seminar talk by Werner Dietsche (The Exiton-Condensate in Bilayers at the Total Filling Factor One)
23.04.08 Seminar talk by Luigi Amico (Entanglement in many-body systems)
17.03.08 Seminar talk by Alexandre Faribault (Interaction quenches in the Richardson model: A Bethe Ansatz approach)
22.02.08 Seminar talk by Travis Wade (Template synthesis of nanomaterials)
14.02.08 Seminar talk by Giuseppe Mercurio (Study of the specific free volume of two polymeric materials by means of positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy and dilatometry)
13.02.08 Seminar talk by Alexander Högele (Spectroscopy of solid-state nanostructures)
12.02.08 Seminar talk by Wolfgang Skorupa (Short time thermal processing of materials – beyond electronics and photonics to pipe organ materials)
12.02.08 Seminar talk by Christian Degen (Force detection of nuclear magnetic resonance)
12.02.08 Seminar talk by Christoph Stampfer (Carbon nanomaterials for future information technology)
12.02.08 Seminar talk by Eva Maria Weig (Nanomechanische Resonatoren, Quantenbits, und ihre Kopplung an Kavitäten hoher Güte)
07.02.08 Seminar talk by Eduard Deviatov (Transport across the sample edge in the quantum Hall regime. Interference effects)
06.02.08 Seminar talk by Kicheon Kang (Entanglement, Complementarity & Nonlocality in Mesoscopic Interferometers)
05.02.08 Seminar talk by Val Zwiller (Quantum optics with nanowires)
04.02.08 Seminar talk by Val Zwiller (Towards a single electron single photon interface based on quantum dots)
28.01.08 Seminar talk by John Schliemann (Zitterbewegung and Ballistic Side Jump Motion in Semiconductor Structures)
22.01.08 Seminar talk by Pawel Hawrylak (Nano-spintronics with quantum dots)
18.01.08 Seminar talk by Frank Hohls (Shot noise and electron counting in quantum dots)
17.01.08 Seminar talk Niels Ruhe (Faseroptische Cantilever-Magnetometrie: Messtechnik und Experimente an zweidimensionalen Elektronensystemen)
08.01.08 Seminar talk by Stefan Krischok (In situ Oberflächen-Charakterisierung an MBE-gewachsenen Indium- und Galliumnitridfilmen)

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